Very Collectible Daytona Chat Watch Replica

Today I will share a Daytona style with high collection value. It was a second-hand Daytona Ref.116589RBR in 2002. The design of the bezel is its biggest highlight. When it was produced at that time, there might be occasional opportunities to meet it, but now it has been discontinued, so it is tough to complete; it is very worthy of collection.

Its bezel is set with two rings of diamonds (composed of 124 diamonds), and the Daytona produced today is all single-ring diamonds, so it can be seen that it can be encountered but not sought after. The dial is a unique black mother-of-pearl dial, which shows different colors according to the angle of light, which looks very beautiful. By the way, Daytona’s mother-of-pearl dial swiss models replica watches have been discontinued. The combination of the double-layer diamond on the bezel and the mother-of-pearl dial appears on Jinlao, which is hard not to be tempted.

If we must talk about shortcomings, the leather strap of Ref.116589RBR needs to be replaced every three to five years under regular use. And because it is a Daytona strap, the price of replacing the belt is also a little high, but compared to the overall value of the watch replica, it is still within an acceptable range. Daytonas with leather straps dated back to the 1990s and were discontinued with the advent of tape straps, so it is now only possible to find them on the second-hand market. Although more people prefer the new Daytona with a thicker and more flexible rubber strap, the discontinued leather strap model must be addressed. It may be a potential stock in the future, especially this 124. The bezel composed of three diamonds is highly ornamental, very revealing of identity, and has a high collection value.

Finally, take a look at the effect picture to get started.

Gender: Men’s
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750
Brand: Rolex
Band Length: 18cm
Model: 116589
Case Thickness: 15mm
Series: Daytona
Case Size: 40mm

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