Talk About A Rolex Dithon Replica Watch

The watch I introduce to you today is JF Boutique, Rolex Dittona series. 7750 chronograph movement, the highest version of the super copy on the market. Rolex Universe Series 116500LN-78590 white disc replica watch. Data is also known as a racing city, so the Rolex Daytona series name is a place name; Daytona is a racing stable. Later, Rolex and Dittona competed in cooperation; there was the Rolex Dittona series of swiss fake watches.

  • The size of this watch is 40 mm in diameter. The six o ‘clock position is the second dial, the 12 o ‘clock position is the hour hand, the three o ‘clock position is the small dial, and the nine o ‘clock position is the timing second dial. The scale is the anti-array scale. Domestic price: RMB 95500 replica watch diameter: 40mm watch thickness: no movement type: automatic mechanical case material: stainless steel waterproof depth: 100 meters

Rolex di tong was born in 1963; the Rolex assembly, in addition to the di tong with wrist, comes at a time when the United States di opened with motor racing. Rolex competition of the wristwatch looks as specified chronometric instruments of competition, ultimately selected, it also takes series of named sources. Rolex Daytona has experienced 53 years of history and still has the classic design of that year, in line with the consistent style of Rolex, evolution, and iteration, but not revolution, which is the main reason for the preservation of Rolex, a large number of classic models.

Whether you know the Ditona or not, I’d like to talk about some of the parameters of the new ceramic ring Daytona. It’s still an integral cast 904L stainless steel case 40mm diameter design, uses a screw-in timing button, familiar crown or triple lock, is waterproof to 100m, and still uses the same surface. The new Cosmometer Dithong replica watch is paired with a 904L steel solid chain link oyster strap. The strap is equipped with an oyster safety buckle to prevent the hook from opening accidentally. The theme is also fitted with the Rolex patent adjustable chain link. This clever extension device allows wearers to easily extend the band by about 5mm, making it more comfortable to wear in all conditions.

The watch is still equipped with the Rolex 4130 automatic chain movement, the same as the old Ditona; this movement is wholly developed and manufactured by Rolex; the structure of the action is completely reformed, concentrated Rolex exquisite technology, significantly reducing the number of timer components, now because Rolex has launched its top observatory certification stricter than COSC, The new Daytona is accurate to plus or minus two seconds a day and comes with a five-year warranty.

Case size:40 MM
Case material:Rose Gold
Bracelet material:Rose Gold (Oyster)
Dial type:Rose Baton
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