Swiss Replica Rolex With A Needle

A needle Rolex is customized for the legendary Italian goalkeeper Buffon!

Artisans de Genève is an independent studio dedicated to personalized. They do not produce or sell watches, nor belong to any watchmaking group, but they provide customized customization services for customers who already have eyes. With its understanding of high-level watchmaking aesthetics and superb skills, it has won the favor of many celebrities, including the former Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo, former F1 Ferrari driver Ruben Barricro ( Rubens Barrichello), and legendary American director Spike Lee.

  • Today, the 44 -year -old Italian legendary “National Gate” -Gianluigi Buffon also found Artisans de Genève and entrusted his 41mm diameter swiss replica Rolex log to the studio. The long design and modification finally got the customized watch called “Gigi X Heure Solitaire.”

The word Solidarité means “lonely” in French. According to Buffon words: “The goalkeeper is exceptional. Among the 11 teams, the goalkeeper is the last fortress of the team.” So he hoped that this watch would show this sense of loneliness, and in the end, Artisans de Genève should not disappoint him.

  • Artisans de Genève has redesigned almost many details of the watch. For example, Rolex’s classic “dog tooth ring” was relentlessly abandoned and turned into Paris’s steel bezel. The ears were -processing, bringing some softness to the entire work.

From the watch’s ” open ” dial, the movement’s details can be seen. For replica Rolex watches, the degree of modification is nothing. To display the sign more beautifully, the Artisans de Genève team spent hundreds of hours adjusting the aesthetics of the 3235 movements, including sandblasting, polishing treatment, and brushing. Effect.

  • Another significant change is the pointer of the watch. The dial has abandoned the minute hand and only keeps the hour hand. That is to say, after the modification, it becomes an “about time” watch. This change also fits the theme of the goalkeeper’s “loneliness.”

In terms of color matching, it is mainly red and blue. The top of the blue steel pointer is decorated with red. According to the official statement, blue represents Buffon’s achievements, and red represents his overcoming obstacles. However, friends who know should be clear that this color matching is almost the same as Buffon’s current Parma Parma. The particular version of the goalkeeper launched for it is precisely the same, paying tribute to the jersey worn by Buffon in Parma in the 1998/99 season.

It is reported that Buffon spent 33,250 Swiss francs (about 233,644 yuan) for this watch’s customized service, but this has yet to count the eye itself. If you like Buffon or this watch very much, the Artisans de Genève should be able to provide a reciprocating service. Still, according to the official website, the team is currently in a full-load state. Request.

Model:116660 – D-Blue
Case size:44 MM
Case material:Steel
Bracelet material:Steel (Oyster)
Dial type:Black & Blue

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