Swiss Replica Rolex Coffee Circle GMT

Today I want to tell you about Rolex’s hidden watch coffee circle. Many people must learn that Rolex tried coffee circles very early in history. This starts with the history of GMT. In 1954, the Submariner 6200 was a product of the same period. The first generation of GMT-MASTER, with red and blue rubber rings, and the Ref.6542 with GMT dual time hands were born.


6542 is also the earliest 18K gold version among GMT-MASTER and even professional sports swiss models. At the same time, the dial is also the first to use unique gold scales inlaid with luminous light, called NIPPLE DIAL by cousins. This scarce collection comes from the collection of Lao Mi and establishes and witnesses the luxury of GMT from the beginning.

The famous coffee ring also entered the 1960s. This 1675/3 NIPPLE DIAL also came from the collection of a cousin. The coffee surface is matched with the gold and brown two-color aluminum ring, which has become a big poison. Swiss replica rolex.

In 2020, at the new product launch conference, Rolex solemnly launched Greenwich with brown and black two-color ceramic circles, paying tribute to the year’s classics. The GMT-MASTER with a line of brown fonts is particularly conspicuous at six o’clock.

The return of GMT Brown brings a new choice to the Greenwich family. Poison Master once said that GMT’s product line is complete, in addition to conventional steel models, gold models, inter-gold models, and five baht chains, and There are many options for the choice of strips, even the exaggerated all-gold full-diamond

And this time, the two options of total rose gold and inter-gold are launched in one breath, following the tradition of the Rolex coffee circle, and at the same time, it also allows everyone to have more price choices. The aggressiveness of all gold and the elegance of inter-gold both have a good effect. If you compare them carefully, you can see that the design and configuration of the bezel and dial are the same. The rose gold tooth ring matches a brown and black two-color ceramic coil, the dial scale and hands are also configured in rose gold, and the brown GMT-MASTER font at six o’clock echoes back and forth.

Firing a two-color ceramic ring is not easy. The firing process of this outer ring is first to have a brown ceramic base and then dye 50% of the part black. It is not a splicing of two-color ceramics, but a unique solution is used to soak and change the other half. s color. After engraving the digital scale with laser, it is plated with rose gold with PVD to make a beautiful and colorful coffee ring. Compared with traditional aluminum ring printing, the process is much more complicated, and the bright color of the ceramic coil is challenging to fade. These advantages are more popular.

Compared with steel models, inter-gold and full-gold will have the problem of softer materials. Even if you wear them carefully, you will inevitably get scratches. This is a fatal shortcoming for watching friends with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Technology’s ancestral film technology provides a solution for this group of people.

The wearing feeling of the two is different. I deliberately weighed the weight (both under 10.5 knots). Compared with the hairy gold crabs of local tyrants, it is not stressful to wear and very suitable for young people today.

Gender: Men’s
Band Length: 20cm
Series: Gmt Master Ii
Band Width: 20mm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Brand: Rolex
Model: 16710COKE
Dial Color: Black Dial

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