Summary Of Standard Pointer Designs, Best Swiss Replica Watches

There are many different ways to tell time; digital clocks use numbers to show time, and the first mechanical clocks didn’t even have a dial and chimed in to tell time. Other examples include hourglasses, water leaks, and candle clocks. Also unusual are the creative timepieces from Urwerk, MB&F, and Ressence.

Still, most watches rely on hands on the dial to display the hours and minutes, and watchmakers have shown a lot of creativity in shaping the hands (either for practical purposes or for other purposes). Hands come in various styles and are an integral part of watch design. It isn’t easy to make a detailed list. This article will introduce you to the most common pointer designs in watches. Best swiss replica watches.

Knife needle (Alpha)

The knife-shaped needle is like a knife, with a broad needle tail connected to the dial’s center through a small handle. Example: Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda Metrographe watch.


Arrowhead needles have an arrow-shaped (triangular-like) head and are typically used on sports or technical watches. Example: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch.

Baton or Stick

Bar-shaped needles are also called Barton needles. They are straight and narrow, and their minimalist lines suit formal watches. Example: Piaget Altiplano watch.

Breguet needle

Some brands refer to this type of hand as a “Pomme” hand (French for “apple” because of the hollow ring near the tip), but the “Breguet hand” designation is more widely accepted. Breguet has left an indelible mark on the history of watchmaking. Many parts or designs are named after it, including Breguet needles, Breguet numerals, and Breguet hairsprings. Breguet needles were designed at the end of the 18th century. Example: Breguet Classique 7147 watch.


The cathedral hand is a classic configuration of military watches, but it is also widely used in different types of watches with broad hour hands and subdivision hands. The shape of the fluorescent material coating on the hands is reminiscent of stained glass windows, and the name “Church” will likely be inspired by this. Example: Montblanc 1858 Chronograph Tachymeter Chronograph Bronze Limited Edition.


The dauphine needle is one of the most classic and popular types of hands. The head and tail of the toffee needle are triangular and faceted. The etymology of “Dauphine” is “Dauphin,” the French king’s prince. An example is the Carl F. Bucherer Maliron Peripheral Dynamic Reserve Watch.

Fleur de Lys

This pointer has a cute name and is decorated with a lily-style pattern. This symbol is commonly seen in heraldry, appearing on countless European coats of arms, and is especially famous as a symbol of the French royal family. Example: Czapek Quai des Bergues watch.


Spear needles are similar to knife needles but are usually slimmer. Example: Schwarz Etienne Roma power reserve display watch

Leaf or Feuille

As the name suggests, it is like a willow leaf. This kind of pointer is perfect for a classic, understated design. Example: H. Moser & Cie. Endeavor Perpetual Calendar watch.


The name “Mercedes” comes from the three-pointed star in the hour hand, similar to the Mercedes Benz logo. Rolex has never stated why it created this pointer, but it may have something to do with the car brand or for other reasons. In any case, the Mercedes-Benz needle provides sufficient coating space for fluorescent materials. At the same time, this design visually helps distinguish the hour hand from other hands in low-light environments. Example: Rolex Explorer I watch.

Diving Needle (Plongeur)

“Plongeur” is French for “diver”. Plongeur usually refers to diving hands, especially Omega hands. The straight hour hand is paired with a more distinctive sword-shaped minute hand, often highlighted with orange decoration. An example is the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m diving watch.

“Injection” needle (Syringe)

The elegant “injection” needle is named for its shape. This pointer has a barrel-shaped body and a needle-shaped tip, just like a medical syringe. The perfect design injects elegance into the watch. Example: Patek Philippe Ref.5320G Perpetual Calendar Watch. Patek Philippe replica.


The snowflake needle is unique to Tudor and is used by the brand to assemble certain diving watches. It is said that this kind of pointer was developed in response to the requirements of the French Navy, which required the watch hands to be easy to read in a diving environment. Example: Tudor Qicheng Biwan watch.


The spade needle has a long body and a tip similar to the spade pattern on playing cards. The Ulysse Nardin watch shown above is equipped with a spade hand and a whip hand (Whip). Example: Ulysse Nardin Navigator.

Sword or Glaive

Sword-shaped needles, as the name suggests, are shaped like sword blades. Many Cartier watches are equipped with such hands. Example: Cartier Drive de Cartier watch.

Gender: Men’s
Model: m214270-0003
Band Length: 20.5cm
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Series: Explorer
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813

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