Rolex’s First “Tourbillon” Watch Is Born! Watches Replica

We all know that Rolex only produces sturdy, practical watches and never complex watches. To this day, Rolex’s most complex watches are the Rolex Skywalker, annual calendar, and dual timepiece currently on sale; the other is the 6062/8171 complete calendar moon phase watch ever produced by Rolex.

A Rolex “Tourbillon” modified from Rolex 116400.

When I saw this watch for the first time, I was shocked. Rolex had a tourbillon. Later, after learning about it, I learned this was a modified Rolex watch. Someone added a tourbillon to Rolex!

We have seen a lot of modified Rolex watches and personalized customization. However, Rolex modifications usually focus on black plating, engraving, and dial changes. The most technical modification is to add a moon phase. Unexpectedly, Rolex modification has developed to such an extent that Label Noir added a tourbillon to Rolex for the first time, becoming Rolex’s first tourbillon watch (Label Noir is a modification studio established in 2011. In addition to black plating of watches, some technical modifications of watches are also carried out, including Patek Philippe). Watches replica.

What kind of watch is the Rolex “Tourbillon”?

We can see that this Rolex “Tourbillon” is modified based on a Rolex Lightning Needle 116400. Based on 116400, the entire watch, from the case, bracelet, hands, and time scales, is all black-plated. The original orange MILGAUSS on the 116400 disks has also been changed to the LOGO of the modification studio, LABELNOIR. The lightning needle changes from the iconic orange to black, which is very cool.

The picture above shows the original Rolex 116400, and the modified Rolex 116400 tourbillon is below.

The main modification to this Rolex modified tourbillon is the movement. The tourbillon is completely modified based on the Rolex 3131 movement. In the original 3131 movement, 51 parts were removed, including the escapement; 2 parts were improved, including making a hole in the plywood for the tourbillon; and 94 parts were added. In addition to the modification of the structure of the 3131 movement, the swing frequency of the movement was lowered from 28800 to 21600. The newly added tourbillon is mounted on ball bearings. The tourbillon uses a one-minute flying tourbillon with no splints on the dial. The tourbillon cage has a unique shape to increase its coolness. The thickness of the modified Rolex tourbillon maintains the original thickness of 116400. In addition, this Rolex “Tourbillon” has also been replaced with a transparent bottom cover, and the 3131 movement can be seen. The automatic rotor of the movement has also been black-plated. As everyone knows, Rolex has always been waterproof, except for the prince type. The lightning needle was chosen as the object to add a tourbillon because it is very thick, and a three-hand watch with no additional functions to accommodate the tourbillon easily. Franck muller replica.

Rolex’s modified “Tourbillon” added a tourbillon and made it transparent.

It is worth noting that the modifier of the Rolex “Tourbillon” said that this Rolex “Tourbillon” is not the only one, and the modification plan of the Rolex “Tourbillon” can be mass-produced. This means that as long as someone needs it, they can get a Rolex “Tourbillon” and only need to wait three months. The object of this modification is Lightning Needle 116400. I wonder if other Rolex tourbillons will appear in the future.

Gender: Men’s
Model: m116400gv-0001
Series: Milgauss
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2813
Brand: Rolex
Band Color: Silver-tone
Movement: Automatic

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