Rolex Underwater Calendar Series 116610lv Green Disc Watch Replicas

Rolex watches in domestic visibility presumably do not need me to say more; their strength is significant. Today I bring us the Rolex watch replicas fans love, the “Rolex Underwater calendar series 116610LV green disc watch” this watch is devoted watch fans called “green water ghost”.

Rolex Submarine 116610LV Watch movement Brief review:

The Rolex Underwater Watch uses a movement approved by the Swiss Observatory and is equipped with Paraflex shock absorbers. Complete active chain mechanical movement, by the swing of the wrist to drive the direction of the dynamic rotation torsion turn on the chain, does not need to replace the battery can maintain the working power, strengthen the airtight case so that the waterproof function of this watch reached 300 meters, is the first choice for diving enthusiasts wear swiss fake watches.

Emerald green dial is a more complex color for most people, but also a more fashionable color more general; watch black or white dial. This green is indeed lovely. Ceramic raw material scale progressive rotation of the outer ring can check the pressure reduction time at any time; the high hard blue crystal glass mirror also ensures the consolidation of the durability of the watch replicas, all deployment down this watch belongs to a beautiful shape but not easy to drive the watch, more suitable for people seeking characteristics wear.

Rolex Submersible 116610LV watch replicas picture appreciation:

The deep green looks very beautiful, but I do not know whether there will be some inappropriate when the deployment of formal clothes, at least I think this color is more suitable for sports and leisure clothing; after all, this watch replicas is specially planned for diving enthusiasts’ products.

I can see the chain bend section of processing is still very greasy.

The inner ring of the dial is engraved with the Rolex anti-counterfeiting LOGO. The outer ring is the ceramic raw material scale progressive rotation of the outer ring, which can check the pressure reduction time at any time. The 904L stainless steel is used as raw material for the shell and the chain. 904 l stainless steel corrosion resistance is robust and suitable for various concentrations of sulfuric acid under 70 ℃. At atmospheric pressure, the corrosion resistance of acetic acid and mixed acid of formic and acetic acid is also good. Provide reasonable quality assurance for wetsuits.

Pull head Rolex LOGO is also one of the Rolex product’s important anti-counterfeiting methods; fake products because the manufacturing process can not reach such a high level, often make a logo from an “open smile” into a “closed mouth”.

Rolex watch products are generally relatively thick.The dense stainless steel bottom ensures compression resistance during diving, allowing you to dive quickly to 300 meters without affecting the normal walking function, which is one of its features.940L stainless steel watchband is still more comfortable to wear.Next to the whole picture, you can see the situation of the entire watch replicas.The folding table buckle also adds a secure clasp, which is very heart-to-heart planning.

In addition to the LOGO and the place of production, the production date code is engraved on the inside of the buckle.

Finally, a green water ghost of a bright SAO function - noctilucent, so that you can grasp the moment at any time in the dark environment if in the KTV environment must be the most visible focus.

  • Brand:Rolex
  • Range:Submariner
  • Model:116610 LV
  • Gender:Mens
  • Movement:Automatic
  • Case Size:40 MM
  • Case Material:316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Bracelet Material:316 Grade Stainless Steel (Oyster)
  • Dial Type:Green
  • Detailed address:

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