Rolex Parthenocissus Watch Replicas Online Free

Hello, everyone. Today, I want you to share Rolex’s last-generation Parthenocissus watch replicas online free with me.

In the log series that appeared in 2004, there is a watch replicas online free with a “TURN-O-GRAPH” printed on the dial called T-O-G for short. It is like the pronunciation of the English Tiger, so it was named “Creeper” by friends of the table. 1953 at the beginning of the birth of the generation of Boston ivy series of Ref. 6202, is the first kind of carrying Rolex rotating bezel table, which can be said to be the movement of the prototype, 2004 high-profile design release time.

There are three gold versions of Parthenocissus series swiss models replica watches, Rose Gold Ref. 116261, Gold Ref. 116263 and Platinum Ref. 116264.

Their dials feature that the English font color of TURN-O-GRAPH in the 6 o’clock direction is red, and the color of the second hand and calendar is also the same as that of the Parthenocissus logo. But 116263 is a particular reference. It comes in a limited Japanese model with a green logo, used, and calendar colors. Dial color has two kinds black and white. The output of each color is only 300 rare styles.

Parthenocissus is also the same as other diary-style models in watch chains. There are five baht and oyster-style watch replicas online free chains, which can match on different occasions according to their preferences. However, the style of oyster watch chain is standard on the market now.
Parthenocissus is a particular watch in Rolex. It is based on the classic design of the diary series and is equipped with a watch replicas online free ring that can rotate like a sports one. It is in the middle of the sports and nonsports series and has been discontinued since 2013.

That's all. If you want to know more about other watches, you can continue to pay attention to the small edition.

Case size:36 MM
Case material:Steel & White Gold
Bracelet material:Steel (Jubilee)
Dial type:White Baton
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