Rolex Does Not Make “Complex Watches.” Who Makes The Best Replica Watches

You don’t have to consider which watch is the hottest among Rolex; it must be a steel sports watch. However, there is a very magical watch among Rolex; the price is exceptionally high, but it is still popular. This is Rolex’s diamond and jewelry watch (inlaid with various gem decorations), such as the Rolex rainbow circle and tiger head.

Rolex Second Generation Rainbow Daytona

Rolex Candy Circle Yacht, version with a starry sky.

The fantastic thing is that Rolex does not have a jewelry business like Cartier and Bulgari, nor does Breguet start making jewelry watches 200 years ago in the 19th century. But many of the most famous jewelry watches in the market are Rolex. Who makes the best replica watches.

Rolex has not been making diamond and jewelry watches for long. At first, it was a folk individual. After buying a look, he took the eye to a jewelry store and set it with gems and diamonds, now commonly known as “back diamonds.” Since the 1980s, they have launched original “original diamond” diamond watches and jewelry models.

Rolex Candy Circle Yacht, version with a starry sky.

That’s why, in antique Rolex, diamonds can be seen, but few are full of diamonds and stars. Rolex’s “Colorful Candy Dishes” DAYDATE from the 1970s didn’t sell well. People at that time didn’t like watches that were too “fancy.”You can also see that whether it is auctions around the world or secondary market circulation (of course, auctions are also secondary markets), the vast majority of all kinds of “fancy” Rolex diamond watches and jeweled watches are produced in the 1980s and 1990s, until today.

Rolex Daytona Tiger

Rolex sports watches are trendy. But what is excellent about Rolex diamond and jewelry watches is that the prices are incredibly high. Rainbow rings, tiger heads, and candy yachts cost hundreds or millions.

Rolex starry rainbow time scale DAYDATE week calendar

Why are Rolex jewelry watches so popular and scarce?

Let’s talk about things other than factors such as Rolex’s marketing and limited production. Regarding objective reasons alone, the output of such jewelry watches as Rolex rainbow circles and candy circles is minimal. One of the reasons is that it is difficult to get high-quality gemstones that meet Rolex’s needs and form a color gradient effect. Rolex’s rainbow circle has the following characteristics.

  1. The gemstones of the Rolex rainbow circle are relatively large and have a wider bezel.

Rolex Rainbow Daytona detail.

  1. The color gradient of Rolex rainbow ring gems is very natural, and the color transition is coherent. The gradient color switching is quite abrupt for the gem colors of some other famous watches.

Rolex Rainbow Di, the color transition is very natural.

Specifically, there are two generations of Rolex Rainbow Circle Daytona. The first generation was launched in 2012, the golden shell rainbow circle. After that, the first generation continued to throw the platinum shell rainbow ring.

Rolex Rainbow Daytona I.

Rolex Rainbow Daytona II.

In the starry version of the candy circle yacht, the actual price is close to one million (the public cost of the regular candy circle is 530,000 yuan).

Rolex Candy Circle Yacht

Rolex Daytona Tiger

PS. Many back drills in the folk, modified rainbow circles, and candy circles will not be involved here.

Rolex attaches great importance to gemstones and diamond inlays.

Since Rolex does not make complex watches, it must rely on diamonds and gems to increase its value.

According to the news, the design department of Rolex will pay attention to the following points when designing diamond swiss fake watches. What cut to use (that is, square diamonds or round diamonds); the setting of diamonds cannot have an impact on the technical configuration; The placement of the diamonds also cannot affect the signature character of the watch collection; finally, the type of stone used is determined. To achieve the most significant and flashy reflection effect of diamonds, each diamond is inlaid in the most suitable position. Rolex’s gypsophila disk includes 3,000 small diamonds, each individually inlaid. Rolex’s diamond watches and jewelry watches are of high quality and good-looking.

Rolex diamond details.

On regular models of Rolex, diamond time scales (commonly known as “drilling”) are mainly used. There are two main types of Rolex diamond time scales; one is a “diamond bag,” and the other is a “diamond bar.”

Regular, diamond-covered indexes on the Datejust.

Diamond wrapping means that there is a square gold holder, and a round diamond is set on the gold holder. The most used one is the DJ journal type. In addition, it is also available on the 36mm DD week calendar and Daytona.

Regular model, day-of-the-day calendar with bar-cut indexes.

A diamond is a rectangular diamond. The bar drill is a new engraving widely used in Rolex’s latest generation, primarily in the 40mm DD day calendar and the new version of Daytona.

Movement: Automatic
Band Color: Gold-tone
Model: 116598RBOW
Dial Color: Black Dial
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Gender: Men’s
Band Length: 18cm
Series: Daytona
Brand: Rolex

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