New And Old Gangdi Ref.116520, Watch Replicas Online Free

Today I would like to introduce a modern Daytona, not the most popular Ref.116500LN, but the old Ref.116520. It is Rolex’s first cosmic chronograph Daytona watch with a self-developed movement. Watch replicas online free.

Ref.116520 basic information

  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Bracelet material: stainless steel
  • Bracelet Type: Consumable Bracelet
  • Bezel: Tachymeter bezel
  • Wind protection: Tempered acrylic glass
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Case thickness: 12.5mm
  • Weight: about 145g
  • Waterproof performance: 100m
  • Movement Type: Observatory-certified self-winding movement
  • Movement model: Cal.4130
  • Vibration frequency: 28,800 times/hour
  • Kinetic energy storage time: about 72 hours
  • Production period: 2000-2016

During the 16-year production period, Ref.116520 has undergone several revisions, including the design of the bezel, the thickness of the hands, the luminous material, the buckle style, etc. We list most of the revision content and time for you.

Major revision of Ref.116520

  • 2002: The tachymeter mark on the bezel was changed from engraving to printing, mainly reflected in the thicker font.
  • 2004: Hands (minutes and seconds) thicker
  • 2006: The letters “ROLEX” are engraved on the inner ring (the inner wall around the dial), and the watch’s serial number is placed at 6 o’clock.
  • 2007: Rolex’s unique blue hairspring with excellent anti-magnetic and anti-seismic properties was adopted for the first time.
  • Ref. 116520 was the first model to use a Parachrome hairspring from its release date, but it was not blue then.
  • 2008: Changed the buckle style.
  • 2010: The 27-second and 33-second positions of the second scale used for the chronograph function are circulated. This feature is common in products made between 2000 to 2005, and those made from 2006 to 2009 are primarily short.
  • (Especially a feature commonly found on black disks.)
  • 2010: The color of the chronograph counters of the black dial changes from silver mixed with light yellow to pure silver.
  • 2011: The color of the chronograph counters of the white dial changes from silver mixed with light yellow to pure silver.
  • The silver chronograph dial mixed with light yellow is still there.
  • Around 2012: Buckle style changes
  • 2013: The luminous paint was changed from Super-LumiNova to chromite, and the bright color was changed from green to blue.
  • Mid-2015: Buckle mid-panel changed from matte to mirrored.

Among the many revisions, the most popular is Ref. 116520, which combines the garbled serial number and mirror clasp. As shown in the picture below, this combination is the final form of this watch. It was discontinued after less than a year of production, and there are very few surviving products, so many Rolex lovers are flocking to it. Richard mille replica.

Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Series: Daytona
Band Color: Silver-tone
Model: 116520BKSO
Band Width: 20mm
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Case Size: 40mm

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