MarkⅡ’s Scarlet Letter Water Ghost 1680, Replica Watches Swiss

The production period of the first generation of calendar Submariner was from 1969 to 1979. In the early days, the dial had a red LOGO. After about 1975, the LOGO changed to standard white. The introduction is the early [Scarlet Water Ghost] Ref. 1680 produced in 1970, which is a good-looking [METER FIRST] Mark II dial. The reason why MarkⅡ is familiar to everyone is that its dial will fade to brown, so the attention is increasing year by year. The one I shared only slightly and very inconspicuously turns brown, but there is no way to show it in the picture. I will give you a taste of other pictures of watch dials that have turned brown in the image below. The texture is different from the usual black dial. However, not all Mark II dials will undergo such color changes, but it is interesting to observe their distinct characteristics.

By the way, the characteristics of [Red Letter Water Ghost] Mark II, which was mostly seen from 1969 to 1970, are different from Mark I in that the waterproof mark [200m=660ft] and the number 6 is not closed [OPEN SIX], which is different from Mark III. The difference is that the upper stroke of the letter f on the waterproof mark [200m=660ft] is slightly longer. Next, continue to look at the pictures shared. The tritium luminous paint changes to form a soft cream color over the years. The [cookie-style] luminous color that appeared around the 1970s also tells that this is the [METER FIRST] dial, and there is no such thing on the dial. [Red Letter Water Ghost] Common scars. The bezel is a Mark III bezel. Although there are minor scratches, the slightly faded gray bezel matches the brown dial with red letters very well. For rare watches such as [Scarlet Letter Sea-Dweller] or [Red Letter Water Ghost], many bezels are usually replaced with ones from different years. You will naturally ask for a watch if you encounter the Mark II dial of [METER FIRST]. The bezel must also be the original Mark III bezel. Replica watches swiss.

The watch case in the picture also looks good. You can refer to this condition when looking for the same antique replica watch. The shape of the perforations of the lugs is maintained well, and the sharp edges can also be felt by touching the grooves of the outer ring of the bezel with your fingers. This kind of [METER FIRST] [Red Letter Water Ghost] usually has many deformed cases due to excessive polishing. It is rare to encounter such a rare dial. If the case is not in good condition, it is a fly in the ointment.

The strap is a 9315 folding strap with the number 280. It is a little loose but not deformed, so it should be considered a strap in good condition. The buckle also has engraving from the 4th issue of 1971, within the slight age difference.

[Red Letter Submariner] is the representative style of antique Rolex. It is highly recognized in the world. If there are no special requirements for it, then the dials after Mark IV are relatively easy to encounter, but if it is As for the MarkⅠ to MarkⅢ dials of [METER FIRST], that’s another matter. Initially, it was challenging to encounter because of the small number in circulation. Even if it is available, don’t expect much about the condition and year. The one I share this time is a rare Mark II dial with a slightly subtle brown tint. The overall condition is in good condition and the year is very accurate.

Model: M126600-0002
Brand: Rolex
Case Thickness: 15mm
Gender: Men’s
Case Size: 43mm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836
Series: Sea-Dweller

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