Markⅰ’s Black Water Ghost Ref.5513, Rolex Replicas Swiss Made

Below, I will share a Submariner Ref.5513 produced in 1971. It is a Mark I [SINGER dial] with a very antique-era atmosphere. Other dials of Rer.5513 have been introduced before and will be added gradually in the future. The [SINGER dial] of MarkⅠ is one of the dial versions with the [SUBMARINER] mark below the [660ft=200m] mark. The so-called [SINGER] refers to the company that produces dials and is famous for producing hand-rolled dials. Using the company Calling fake watches by their names is also a fascinating phenomenon for Rolex. The [SINGER dial] of MarkⅠ is probably more common from 1970 to 1975. The discoloration of the tritium luminous light is relatively deep. The difference from other MarkⅠs of Ref. 5513 is that the letters [ft] of [660ft=200m] are not written with horizontal lines, on a straight line. Next, please look at the pictures I want to share today. Rolex replicas swiss made.

The tritium luminous light on the dial has faded, lending it a charming antique look. No signs of typical graininess are associated with [SINGER dials], further confirming its good condition.

The bezel is a Mark III with a slightly gray tone, and the font has yet to turn golden over the years. It looks very contemporary and is not harmful, even if the bezel has minor scratches. It is estimated that the bezel alone Can attract the attention of many collectors. If the bezel that matches the Mark I dial is replaced by something else, the atmosphere of the antique era will probably be significantly reduced, so this is also a non-negotiable part when looking for a watch.

The case has some signs of being polished, but the overall shape is still in good shape, so it’s not a negative point. The crown has no dots [700 crowns]. The bracelet is an American rivet bracelet, so it looks a little loose, but there is no problem at all in use. Among the Mark I dials, only the [SINGER dial] is paired with a Swiss rivet strap, but the atmosphere of the American rivet strap also matches well.

If you don’t have special requirements for the dial, bezel, and bracelet, this Ref.5513 is still very easy to buy. But if you are pursuing the condition and year, the difficulty should slowly increase yearly, especially for this famous Mark I dial.

Series: Submariner
Band Width: 20mm
Case Size: 40mm
Band Color: Silver-tone
Gender: Men’s
Model: 114060-97200
Brand: Rolex

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