How To Buy High-end Luxury Fake Watches At An Affordable Price?

How to buy high-end luxury fake watches at an affordable price? Come and chat with you today.

The first is Rolex, such as the new 36mm Tan 1, the new Airmaster, the 41mm calendarless nigga, the Tan 2, the ordinary-colored Oyster Perpetual, and the aperture log, all of which are expected to be available at a fair price.

Rolex Explorer Series m124270-0001 watch

The 36mm new Probe 1 is a classic size watch for mountaineering and rock climbing.

Rolex Airmaster series M126900-0001 watch

If Xintan 1 is a bit plain, there is also a new Airbus on sale on the official website, with a diameter of 40. Although it is a junior needle, it also “kills” its characteristics.

Rolex Submariner Series m124060-0001 watch

The third one, the black ghost with a watch diameter of 41 mm, is also the most recognizable among these models.

Rolex Explorer Series M226570-0001 watch

The fourth one, Tan 2, has added a dual time zone function, equipped with a non-rotating 24-hour outer ring and an orange double time zone pointer. It is expected to start at a public price, and you can try your luck.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Series m124300-0002 watch

The fifth piece is an Oyster Perpetual in ordinary color. Note that it must be in standard color, with a diameter 41. The relatively lower price is also the first choice for many players who buy Rolex for the first time.

Rolex Journal Series m126300-0011 watch

Sixth, the aperture journal type, invincible for commuting, with some muscularity in the low-key design, versatile colors, pure and simple, is a style that cannot go wrong.

Then there is the troika of traditional Swiss watchmaking: Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin.

Some styles in the code11.59 series

In terms of Audemars Piguet, you may not have heard of the Royal Oak, but you must have seen it. It is so popular that people who play watches cannot avoid it. Those Royal Oaks are all premium models; for example, 15510 is popular.

If you need more than your budget to choose the Royal Oak, then the Audemars Piguet brand also has a code 11.59 series, which has junior stitches and timing and is relatively easy to buy.

Vacheron Constantin Wu Luzhi Series 4600E/000A-B487 watch

For Vacheron Constantin, the entry model must have a Wulu steel shell with three big needles, and it is also the only one among the troika with a public price below RMB 100,000, and it is also a very young style.


Patek Philippe, the watch king, I have to explain this. It is an entry-level model for PP, but these so-called entry-level models are also very advanced in the world of famous swiss replica watches. Pp has a series called CALATRAVA, and the eyes in it are considered entry-level models with a relatively simple design, and the 6119 is relatively easy to get started with.

Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Case Color: Silver-tone
Series: Air-king
Model: m116900-0001
Dial Color: Black Dial
Movement: Automatic

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