High-end Gold Watches Are Very Luxurious, Fake Rolex Watch

Some time ago, the price of gold hit a record high. In the watch circle in recent years, gold watches have also been the general trend. They have gotten rid of the titles of “old-fashioned,” “outdated,” and “rustic.” Now, they are also representative of fashionable personalities. Many young people love the retro and luxurious style. Coupled with some metaphysical superstitions, jewelry with a bit of gold and diamonds has a good meaning of “gold and diamonds, gain and profit,” which grasps the consumption psychology of young people.

If you want to buy gold jewelry recently or have this idea, and you are a powerful player, consider wearing a gold watch. Before, gold watches were always recommended for men. This time, we will recommend a few gold watches for women. Compared with men, women love gold more.

The first one is the Rolex Day-Date model. The case and strap are made of 18K gold. This metal not only has extremely high hardness but also emits a golden luster that makes people feel noble, visually noble, and elegant. Fake rolex watch.

The champagne dial’s design is even more ingenious. The ten diamond-studded hour markers are dazzling. A calendar display window replaces the 3 o’clock position, a small convex lens magnifies the calendar, and the noon position is the Rolex crown logo. These are all standard design elements of Rolex.

At the same time, Rolex’s iconic triangular grooved outer ring is also perfectly displayed on this watch. It is recognizable and charming. I love it!

Whether you are a watch enthusiast or a friend who doesn’t understand watch culture, you must know that Rolex has a high-value retention rate, so it is an investment product for many people. As one of the classic Rolex styles, the weekly calendar is even more loved and collected by players.

This is only matched with Rolex’s famous President strap, made of 18K gold and with three-grid arched links, which is reliable, comfortable, and eye-catching.

The internal equipment is a unique automatic mechanical winding with perpetual movement, ensuring the watch’s accuracy and stability. The average daily error is within plus or minus two seconds, which meets most people’s needs.

The watch also has a water resistance of 100 meters, which can be easily handled for daily wear or water activities such as swimming and diving.

Whether you wear it for business or leisure, this gold watch can become a beautiful landscape on your wrist.

The second Omega De Ville

Is it very different from Rolex in style? If the previous one is just a queen, this one is a princess. It was released in February this year. The emerald green jasper dial is matched with an 18k gold case. The size of 27.5 mm is delicate and small, giving you the feeling of a forest fairy. Swiss models replica watches.

The dial has a simple design, decorated with 12 diamond hour markers. The two hands are made of yellow 18K gold. It only has basic time reading functions, which are simpler and more relaxed.

This model has the Omega 4061 quartz movement, known for its excellent stability and accuracy. It uses the precise frequency signal of the quartz crystal to indicate the time, ensuring the accuracy of the time. At the same time, the movement is powered by a battery, and the travel time is highly accurate without frequent adjustments. In addition, the movement takes up very little space, making the watch design slimmer and more comfortable.

Omega provides a 5-year warranty for this watch so the wearer will feel more at ease during use.

Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Band Width: 20mm
Case Color: Gold-tone
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Series: Day-Date
Model: 118238
Gender: Men’s

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