Elegant Blooming Rolex Replica Swiss Oyster Datejust 179175f Watch Tasting

In the long history of watchmaking, Rolex replica swiss has always written a moving chapter with its unique shape. Every replica watch is a classic created by the brand, accurate and durable. Today, this editor brings you an Oyster-Datejust ladies watch. The watch is made of 18K rose gold luxury material, and adhering to the consistent watchmaking style of Rolex, it presents us with an excellent watch timepiece, the official model is: 179175F.

Looking at the history of Rolex replica swiss, we can see many milestone designs, of which the most talked about is the birth of the Oyster watch, which has become the iconic symbol of Rolex so far. The Datejust watch adds a date display function on the basis of the Oyster, which perfectly combines design and practicality.

The watch case continues the classic Oyster design of Rolex, and the exquisite 26 mm case contains the brand's superb watchmaking technology. The case is made of 18K rose gold, highlighting the perfect combination of shades and materials.

Women’s best replica watches are always based on small and thin, in order to show the softness and gentleness of women. The elegant Oyster case of this watch reflects the brand’s classics. From the side, the silhouette is elegant and the lines are smooth, which fully meets the needs of women.

This Datejust ladies watch head-type strap is made of 18K rose gold, and the half-ring three-piece chain link design was specially developed by Rolex in 1956 for the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date watch. Comfortable and easy to operate.

The champagne dial of the watch is stylish and elegant, with a simple design style, which is also the classic shape of Rolex, showing the time display in the most streamlined way. 10 bright diamonds are set on the rounded quadrilateral base, as the time scale, only the scale at 12 o’clock uses the Rolex classic crown logo. The classic big three-pin design is suitable for most people’s reading habits, and the hands without any modification record the traces of time passing between the elegant dials.

Datejust was born in 1945. The date window of this series of watches is displayed by a small window convex lens. Since then, this unique design has become a highly recognizable logo of Rolex Datejust. The 3 o’clock position of this watch is still the most classic calendar window of the brand. Through the lens equipped on the calendar window, the calendar display can be magnified 2.5 times, which is easy to read.

The lugs of the watch are also made of 18K rose gold, which has been carefully polished to present a high-quality metallic texture and bright luster. The lugs and the case are cast in one piece, and the elegant radian and edge chamfering are exquisitely polished, showing the elegant temperament of a female watch.

At first glance, Rolex watches will not bring great surprises, but after careful taste, you will find that in fact, every detail contains the brand’s superb watchmaking craftsmanship. Take the triangular pit pattern on the case as an example. On the surface, this texture is not unique, but its craftsmanship is extremely elegant.It requires careful and patient design and polishing by the watchmaker, and every edge and corner must be carefully calculated to ensure complete consistency and achieve the integration of aesthetic elements into high-end craftsmanship.

  • The head-type strap is equipped with a hidden crown clasp. The folding design is more in line with the wearing habits of women, and the operation is convenient and comfortable.

Summary: This Rolex Oyster Datejust not only carries the brand’s most traditional watchmaking concept, but also has a strong feminine design, so it is more eye-catching. Watches can accompany women to attend different occasions and enjoy different kinds of lifestyles, and can better represent women’s affirmation of self-worth and their high demand for aesthetics.

Brand: Rolex
Range: Datejust Lady
Gender: Ladies
Movement: Automatic
Case size:26 MM
Case material: Pink Gold
Bracelet material: Rose Gold (President)
Dial type: Rose Gold Diamond (Jubilee)
Detailed adrdress:

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