Can I Buy A Modified Watch? Who Makes The Best Replica Watches

I have prepared exciting content for you today, the modification table. Players in the watch industry will be familiar with modified watches for a long time. Now and then, there will be one or two modified watches for sale around us. Modified watches are a folk product. Some people take their watches to “modification factories” for secondary modifications. There are several standard modification methods. One is to set diamonds and gemstones on watches that are not inlaid. At least a circle of diamonds is set on the bezel, and the entire watch is inlaid with diamonds. The most commonly used modification method is called “back drilling”; the second is black plating. The steel watch is metallic, and the case is plated with a layer of black, making the entire watch black from the head to the bracelet, which is excellent. The third type is carving. Compared with back diamond and black plating, carving has emerged in the past two years because there were not many carved watches. The engraved watch has patterns carved on the case and bracelet of the original watch, which is very beautiful. These three are currently the most commonly used methods for modifying watches. Modified watches are a familiar thing at home or abroad. Just like modified cars, they have formed a small group. Although many people have introduced modified watches before, most have yet to delve into the modified watch market and the market around us. Today, I want to discuss and share the following with all players. How did foreign modified watches come from; the attitude of brands and players towards modified watches; the market prices of several ordinary modified watches around us; and whether we should buy them. Let’s get started. Who makes the best replica watches?

DLC black plating is the most common modification method for Rolex Submariner 114060 (top) and Daytona (bottom).

There is no doubt that watch modifications come from foreign countries.

There are many famous modified watch companies worldwide, some common to us, such as Bamford, Blackout Concept, Titanblack, etc. These companies’ products often appear in international auctions, are popular, and have reasonable transaction prices. Watch modification emerged in the 1990s. In the beginning, watch modification was a personal behavior, and they were all done to their watches. For example, Bamford first modified his own Rolex Submariner. The Rolex Submariner has been DLC black-plated. After adjusting his watch, he found that the effect was good, and many people needed to modify watches, so he established a company that specializes in modifying watches. The main modification methods are back drilling and black plating. These foreign watch modification companies are very formal. The personnel recruited by the modification factory are all former Rolex employees. They can dismantle Rolex professionally and skillfully, modify the watch parts, and assemble it again.

Rolex 116610 (top) and 114060 (bottom) were modified in military style.

In addition to DLC black plating, camouflage, bronze, hollow, and military-style modifications have been gradually developed. The objects of modification have expanded from Rolex to significant brand watches, including Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, etc. The above methods of modifying watches are all common. In Japan, there is another way to modify the Seiko No. 5. The modification of Seiko No. 5 is not to make it black plated and set with diamonds but to alter the Seiko No. 5 into the appearance (style) of other watches, such as changing the Seiko No. 5 into the appearance of Blancpain 50 Fathom or changing it into Omega Seamaster or Rolex. It looks like a Submariner. When modifying the Seiko No. 5, relatively low-cost methods such as PVD, which are cheap and fun, will be used.

Blancpain 50 Fathom style modified Seiko No. 5.

Modified watches are becoming increasingly popular, but the brand does not support this behavior.

Every watch brand does not support watch modification, but any modified watch or watch containing non-official parts will no longer have an official after-sales warranty. We all know that when we send a watch that needs maintenance to the official customer service, the watch will be taken in for inspection first to determine whether there are parts other than the original ones mixed inside. Regarding this problem, formal foreign modification companies will provide a warranty for the watches they modify. Because the employees of the modification company are former employees of some brands, such as Rolex, there is no problem in repairing and maintaining the watches. Modified watches are guaranteed.

A modified Rolex Daytona 116520 with the dial removed, back diamond, and black plating.

Because the styles of black plating, camouflage, and military modifications are trendy, some brands have seen business opportunities. Specializing in watches that are similar to popular modified watches. Many players of these brands are familiar with them. For example, the American brand ANCON is famous for its black-plated and bronze-style Submariners (imitating the appearance of modified Rolex Submariners). Some brands, including Rolex and Audemars Piguet, have also begun to launch “official modification styles.” For example, although Rolex cannot launch black-plated watches, it has launched black-plated “little black flowers” through Tudor; Audemars Piguet has launched a full range of watches. Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar in black ceramic. Because of the high public price of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar, we won’t talk about it for now. But it is indisputable that Tudor’s “Little Black Flower” has become a popular model. There is a market for modified styles. Due to this situation, some senior foreign players have asked whether watch brands can establish an official “modification department” to carry out official modifications. Some players pointed out that the relationship between Mercedes-Benz and AMG can be used to launch official “modified” models of watches. Instead of opposing private modifications, brand officials would instead carry out official modifications. Official modifications are better than private modifications. Hublot replica.

Tudor’s “little black flower” is considered to have a “modification style.”

The all-black ceramic version of the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar is the official “black-plated” version of the Royal Oak.

After discussing the situation abroad, let’s discuss the domestic situation and the modification watches around us.

There is also a demand for modified watches in China, and many watches are involved. The methods of modifying watches in China are similar to those in foreign countries. What is available in foreign countries is what is available in China. Three types of modified watches are most common: diamond-backed, black-plated, and carved. Let me talk about them one by one.

Back drilling is the most common type of modified watch in China. There are small brands and big brands. The most common back diamonds are Cartier, Rolex, and Franck Muller. In addition to these three relatively large-volume brands, some Patek Philippe, Chopard, and Piaget are also candidates for post-drilling. The primary purpose of back-drilling is to “wear a watch worth tens of thousands to have the effect of hundreds of thousands.” Because the public price of many original diamond-set watches is very high, on the one hand, the case of the original diamond watch is made of K gold. With diamonds and gemstones, the price is very high. Most watches with back diamonds are made of steel cases and then inlaid with diamonds. The steel case and back diamonds make the final price cheaper. For example, the price of a Cartier watch with a back-drilled bezel is similar to the original watch without diamonds. It is only a few thousand yuan more expensive. The price of a Rolex GMT with a diamond-backed colored gem ring is just over RMB 40,000; a Cartier Caliber with a diamond-back bezel is almost over RMB 30,000. Some watches with full-back diamonds will have a higher price for additional back diamonds, but the price is low overall. A large part of the reason is that the value of broken diamonds is low, but setting a circle of diamonds will make the watch flashy. It can indeed make a watch worth tens of thousands of dollars worth hundreds of thousands.

A very luxurious “back diamond” Franck Muller.

“Back Drill” Cartier Santos

The “rear-drilled” Rolex GMT-Master

Black plating is another everyday modified watch in the domestic market. The main object of black plating is Rolex. The most common black-plated Rolex I see is the Lightning Hand (black plate Lightning Hand, green glass). The watch head and bracelet are all black plated. Maybe it’s because the black plate and orange needle of the black plate lightning needle are more conspicuous and match the black plating, so I choose to use the black plate. The price of the black-plated watch also increases a little. It is a few thousand to ten thousand yuan more than the original version, which is inexpensive.

Engraving has recently become a relatively common modification method, mainly targeting Rolex. Including water ghosts and lightning needles (green glass), all have back-engraved versions. The back engravings on these watches are very nice, calm, and artistic. The price of the engraving on the back is low. A Submariner 16610 single watch with a fully engraved watch head and bracelet only costs more than 40,000 yuan. Now, the price of the previous generation Submariner 16610 calendar is more than 30,000 yuan. In comparison, an entire watch with engraving costs more than 40,000 yuan, which is not expensive. Lightning needles are about the same price.

Engraved Rolex

But the question is, can we buy these modified watches?

There is no difference between a watch and a toy. A watch is a more expensive toy, so nothing can be bought. Since cars can be modified, what can’t be modified about watches? In particular, the Rolex Rainbow Ring Daytona has minimal production and has been discontinued. Only through private modification can the rainbow ring be obtained (of course, it is just an imitation of the rainbow ring). But the prerequisite is that, just like a modified car, a specific price must be paid since it has been modified. Once modified, it can no longer receive official maintenance and be traded at regular prices (this is why modified watches are not expensive). Loss is inevitable because most people cannot accept modification, and only a few enjoy it. Whether a watch can be out of warranty is fine for old players. All old players have a familiar watch dealer who can solve the problem of watch maintenance. The only question is whether this watch can be successfully sold when we tire of playing with it. If you don’t care about this and keep it if you can’t make a move, you can buy these modified watches confidently. Modified watches are not a good choice for players who care more about after-sales maintenance and repurchasing their watches. Finally, another way to play is to buy an original watch, a gem ring, or a diamond ring and then replace the gem ring or diamond ring on the watch with the original bezel. After waiting, replace the original bezel with the original bezel when you need to make a move or require an official watch inspection. This way, you can maintain the original bezel even after modification.

Brand: Rolex
Model: 116610
Dial Color: Black Dial
Gender: Men’s
Band Width: 20mm
Series: Submariner
Movement: Automatic
Case Thickness: 15mm

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