Atmospheric Gold Swiss Clone Watches Rolex Daytona 116518 Watch Appreciation.

As the most well-known and recognized brand in the world, Rolex is well-deserved. Whether price or sales, it ranks among the best among many watch brands. Friends who have never been in contact with swiss clone watches will have heard of Rolex’s iconic logo and name. Today we would appreciate a blue dial watch from the Daytona series; its model number is 116518.

The Rolex blue Daytona watch is made of gold material that symbolizes wealth and success and integrates a bohemian blue dial, showing the return of personality after success.

The Rolex Daytona Cosmograph 116518 blue watch continues the classic shape of the series, with a wide bezel, a unique dial, a stick-shaped hand, and the layout design of the crown and buttons, making it a Dayton at a glance. Take.

The case of the 116518 swiss replica watches is made of gold material, which is somewhat no longer unique in today’s era of worldly desires and gold “flying all over the sky”. However, the frosted and polished treatment makes the surface still “glorious”.

The blue base color of the dial makes the watch different, especially the red of the three small dials and the small second hand, which makes the watch exude a strong “character”. The three-dimensional digital hour markers and hands are covered with a fluorescent coating, which allows the watch to shine brightly in dim environments. It is equally fast and convenient to read the time.

The bottom cover is a screw-in gold case back and uses the Rolex Oyster design to achieve a complete seal to ensure water resistance.

The overall appearance, continuing the brand’s “thick” characteristics, makes the watch a bright spot on the wrist and interprets a different character and attitude.

The Daytona series is the only series of Rolex sports timepieces and the most critical series. The 116518 watch is a typical representative of the series, with two special functions timing and speed measurement.

Timing is an essential function in sports functional watches. All the swiss clone watches of the Daytona series have this triangular chronograph dial layout design, which can be called an “iron triangle”. This watch adopts a column wheel design, which makes the timing smooth, and the buttons do not feel burdened.

The speed measurement function is a simple scale-type function, indicated by the central clock secondhand. The standard timing operation is based on a distance of one kilometer, and the average speed is measured, and it can only measure the speed of movement within one minute. This function is not commonly used in daily sports, competitions, or racing but depends on personal preference.

Rolex is characterized by precision and durability and has achieved industry-leading performance. In addition to the external structure and material, it mainly lies in the movement, especially the movement of sports swiss clone watches, which is more complex than ordinary watches—many tests. The Rolex Daytona 116518 watch uses the brand’s self-made Cal.4130 movement. Before that, the Zenith EL series of self-winding high-frequency chronograph movements dominated the martial arts, and its appearance replaced Zenith’s position; However, Rolex’s early Daytona used Zenith movements, and there are significant differences between Cal.4130 and Zenith EL series movements, so it is reasonable to call them self-produced.

The Rolex 4130 movement uses a Rolex perpetual oscillating weight, which has one more gear than the 3135 movements, making the winding more efficient. At the same time, Rolex’s patented red bag is used, which has excellent wear resistance. The balance wheel splint adopts a bridge-shaped design, which makes the balance wheel hairspring system more stable and facilitates maintenance or adjustment. The balance wheel is a unique balance wheel patented by Rolex. It has four weights, two balance weights and two-time adjustment weights.
In addition, as a chronograph movement, Rolex uses a column wheel with six teeth, which is not advanced but sufficient to ensure timing performance.
The automatic rotor also replaced the screw bearings of the previous movement with ball bearings to make it more durable.
However, due to the early movement, the Parachrom blue hairspring invented later was not used, which is a pity. Nevertheless, many 4130 activities today have been replaced with more advanced components, resulting in the same difference in different fake swiss watches. It is the 4130 movement but has another performance.
“Forgive me for being unruly and indulging in love and freedom in my life. I’m also afraid I will fall down and abandon my ideals one day. Anyone can do it. How can I be afraid that one day it’s just you and me…” Every time I listen to such a song, I always get aroused. The excitement in the heart brings positive energy. The Rolex Daytona 116518 blue watch also has such a character, it is wrapped in a shell that symbolizes wealth and success, and it is covered with an inner core that breaks through the shackles and seeks the true self. It is not like other brands have fine grinding and excellent movement; it Dituna and even most swiss clone watches, consistent use of dense bottom design, movement grinding is not beautiful. Still, its stability and practicality, almost “no one can beat”.

If I describe it in one sentence, the author thinks it is more appropriate to use the true self and positive energy of “uninhibited indulgence and love of freedom”.

Case Size:40 MM
Case Material:316 Grade Stainless Steel
Bracelet Material:Brown Leather
Dial Type:Gold
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