A “Nickname” That Only Experienced Watch Bezel Drivers Will Understand, Cheap Fake Rolex

Spider dial

In Ru kiln, the artisans used agate to glaze the glaze at no cost, and after firing, the surface looked like cracked ice. The reason is that the glaze and porcelain clay on the surface shrink at different rates when the temperature changes.

Similarly, because the shrinkage rates of the dial and topcoat metal substrate differ, some will crack over time, like a spider web. Therefore, the translated dial is also called a “Spider dial.”

Blueberry Blueberry Circle

The Rolex GMT was initially designed in collaboration with Pan American Airways. In the 1960s, GMT began to be ordered by the Peruvian army. To distinguish it, Rolex changed the color of its aluminum alloy outer ring from red and blue to all blue, exclusively for the military. Because its color is similar to blueberries, it is commonly known as “Blueberry Blueberry Circle.”

The military version is rare in quantity and strictly controlled. It is easy to check the origin and determine the authenticity. But later, Rolex’s official channels released a batch of blue rings for ordinary consumers, and it took time to identify the authenticity of standard accessories. This leads to confusion between the military and civilian versions, giving the fake blue circle room to make profits. Cheap fake Rolex.

Sandwich Dial sandwich noodles

Panerai has a very famous watch element called the “sandwich” face. The difference from familiar dials is that its luminous powder is not directly applied to the dial but is sandwiched between two metal sheets. Scales and numbers are displayed through the hollowed-out areas on it. This design helps to utilize more luminous powder and improve the brightness at night. The shape is exactly like a sandwich with fillings, so it is called “Sandwich Dial Sandwich Noodles.”

I always thought that the sandwich plate was invented and first used by Panerai. As a result, I found out from the information mined by Perecope that the Stern dial factory created the sandwich disk in 1935, with patent number CH18212. Longines used this technology before Panerai. The most exciting thing is that the Stern here is the current controller of Patek Philippe – the Stern family.

Bullhead watch

The watch brand Omega launched a very peculiar watch, Ref 146.011, in 1969. At first, this watch was produced as a racing timekeeper. Conventional chronographs generally place the chronograph button on the right side of the watch case. This design may cause discomfort to the wearer, such as being easily knocked when bending the wrist.

So, Omega made a more ergonomic design and moved the chronograph buttons to the upper part of the case. The two symmetrical buttons are very much like the horns of a cow. At the same time, the outer shell that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom also looks like a cow’s face. This type of watch later became known as the “Bullhead watch.”

Tropical Dialtropical noodles

Tropical Dial is a dial that changes color due to ultraviolet rays. It is called a tropical dial because ultraviolet rays in low areas are stronger and more likely to occur. Generally speaking, it mainly refers to the black dial changing into honey, brown, and coffee colors, similar to the shades of coconuts on tropical coconut trees.

Is the key to such a change the natural aging caused by the passage of time or the catalysis of ultraviolet light?

Hofmann dismantled a Patek Philippe Ref. 3700 to unlock the mystery. The dial of the Nautilus was initially round, but part was covered due to the case’s design. Therefore, the middle part that has been exposed to the sun has turned brown, while the part that has hardly seen ultraviolet rays has retained the blue-black color of the year to the greatest extent. Therefore, the key to Tropical Dial’s tropical surface lies in the amount of ultraviolet exposure.

Panda Dial Panda Noodles

The panda is black and white, with two prominent dark circles on its white face. To easily distinguish between large and small dials, the clock will adopt a black-and-white two-color design, which looks like a panda’s face.

In the narrow sense, Panda Dial refers to a “white background with black eyes.” Later, watch friends also collectively referred to styles with solid contrast between large and small dials as Panda Dial and no longer limited their specific colors and number of dials. However, only the solid small dial qualifies as a Panda Dial. If it is a ring, it is wrong. Swiss replica watches.

Fried Egg

To facilitate distinction, the large and small dials are designed in black and white, thus giving birth to the Panda Dial. Breitling is equipped with eye-catching orange hands to make it easier to read at a specific time. If the small dial is white now, add orange and yellow, and it will look like an “omelet.”

Big fly

Early airplanes were relatively crude. At that time, pilots had to fight against wind and rain in an unheated cockpit. Since pilots wear cotton pilot suits and thick gloves, the crown design is extensive and comprehensive. Even wearing gloves, you can still control and wind the watch.

At the same time, early watches were all modified from larger pocket watches with lugs directly added, so the larger “pilot watches” with large crowns were later called “big fly.”

Model: M126600-0002
Brand: Rolex
Case Thickness: 15mm
Gender: Men’s
Case Size: 43mm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836
Series: Sea-Dweller

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