“2B” Explosively Modified Rolex Copy Watches

Why do prodigal men always lean on carts behind them and wear big watches on their hands?

Look at this one below, with a hairdo not messed up, relying on big labor to be confident, and every gesture seems to be telling everyone severely——I’m very expensive.

George Bamford, the “prodigal” brother mentioned today, is a veritable rich boy. His father, Anthony Bamford, is the chairman of JCB, the world’s third-largest construction equipment company, and is in charge of the largest family business in the U.K. It is conservatively estimated that his net worth is at least 40 hundred million U.S. dollars.

Bamford, who has been prosperous since his grandfather’s generation, has satisfied his family in developing personal interests and insists on only playing expensive ones and not wasting them. Playing with photography, classic cars, and antique watches, the things that can catch Bamford’s attention are not the most expensive, only more costly.

Bamford’s Garage is a collection of legendary works of Ferrari, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, and other luxury car brands, which can be called a car museum.

Bamford likes to play with cars because it is common for boys to reach a certain age, but the opportunity to play with watches starts from dismantling houses in childhood. As a child, Bamford probably knew that his family had a big business and was not short of money. His favorite thing to do was dismantle the house, the T.V., the juicer, the treadmill, and everything he was interested in. He wanted to dismantle.

His family gave him a watch, a sophisticated instrument, to play with when he was 11 years old to prevent him from tearing down the house endlessly. TAG Heuer FORMULA 1, Breitling Navitimer, and other alerts are all disassembled toys of Bamford in his childhood.

In this way, Bamford started his watch collection at a young age, and he probably would not have imagined that his name would be famous in the history of watch modification in a few years.

Bamford, who has many brands of watches, began to pursue a unique style, collecting all kinds of hard-to-buy watch styles. On his 18th birthday, he picked a Rolex Daytona that he thought was very special and prepared to harvest the attention of his beautiful sisters. Unexpectedly, he saw several Daytonas of the same style at his birthday party. Rolex copy watches.

Bamford’s mood can be imagined; I got such a great watch, but everyone wears the same look as me; how can I show my uniqueness? Ever since Bamford began to change his way of changing the clock. He took the eye to his building materials factory and had someone plate a layer of DLC coating on the surface of the steel watch, making it look black. With his big black eye, Bamford went to the south of France for vacation. This refitted watch attracted the attention of the rich circle. They offered high prices for Bamford to help him refit the eye. During the break, Bamford made an appointment for 25 orders.

In 2003, Bamford founded the Bamford Watch Department in London, specializing in customizing and modifying international steel sports watches, allowing customers to customize various modifications from dials and hands to mechanical interiors. Swiss replica watches.

Bamford Watch Department has become the official customization partner of TAG Heuer, Zenith, Girard Perregaux, and Bulgari. And Bamford’s most successful watch is none other than Rolex.

Most senior doctors, lawyers, and engineers regard Dai Lao as a classic and durable symbol in Europe and the United States. But the birth of Bamford not only retains the characteristics of Rolex but also adds a lot of personalized fun.

Now, let’s look at what Rolex has become in the hands of Bamford.

Submariner water ghost series

The water ghost series is one of the most recognizable series of Rolex. In Bamford, the water ghost has changed the stereotype by adding a black coating, changing the color of the dial, and adjusting the details.

Daytona Daytona series

Daytona is one of Bamford’s popular series, which features a new Daytona changed into the classic dial of Paul Newman, and the gold Newman in 1970 can be sold for 120,000 US dollars.

Cartoon series

Every man probably has a child in his heart. The Snoopy and Popeye that Bamford liked as a child have also become particular elements in his modified watch.

In addition, Bamford will also customize according to customer needs. In short, he can help you realize any modification you can think of.

Speaking of this, you may be curious about the cost of modification. Bamford’s custom modification usually costs tens of thousands of euros. The modification fee is not uncommon to double or triple that of the original watch. When you walk into the gate of the Bamford Watch Department, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of RMB can be burnt clean instantly.

In Germany, there is also a watch modification factory as famous as Bamford, Blaken.

The refitting styles of Blaken and Bamford are similar, and the refitting prices are identical. Most of the representative works of refitting watches are Rolex, so these two companies are collectively called “2B” in the Rolex refitting industry.

With the maturity of watch refitting, some studios and institutions are currently specializing in watch refitting in China. The personalization of modified watches is undeniable, but limited eyes also face some practical problems; that is, after the expensive modification fee, the official warranty will no longer be provided, and the circulation price of most watch models in the secondary market will plummet, and the depreciation rate will be high.

Therefore, the modified watch and the modified car are the same, more to reflect a unique personality and not to consider the issue of money too much. In a word, if I have money, show off, and it’s over!

Dial Color: White Dial
Model: 116523-78593
Band Width: 20mm
Series: Daytona
Band Length: 18cm
Band Color: Two-tone
Case Thickness: 15mm
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s

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