Review Of The Rolex Explorer Generation 214270 Series Swiss Watch Replica

It was particularly notable in 2010, as the latest model of this classic swiss watch replica appeared with great anticipation. Watch many of the technical improvements are deep, and its solemn and elegant style has always been unchanged. The most notable change is that the case has been expanded to 39mm (compared with the previous 36mm diameter), making the new model, officially listed as 214270, look more sedate.

AR factory adhering to the concept of 904 steel to the end, launched this comparable material Rolex Explorer black disc swiss watch replica. The case is made of 904 steel [absolutely can pass the international standard 904L detection], to create an AR factory explorer generation, not only meticulous artistry but also adhering to the Imitation Rolex precision detection mode after the assembly of parts before the accuracy test, adjustment test, and waterproof test. Next is Xiaobian to AR factory 904L fine steel Rolex Explorer Generation 214270 series watch evaluation.

Dial selection of relaxed avant-garde sense of black, and the use of classic Benz pointer, with three-dimensional rectangular time scale, 3, 6, and 9 o ‘clock position for the Arabic numerals, the overall simple and easy to read, giving people a sense of being able to do.

Explorer type clear and straightforward line design not only let it lay the status of a classic timepiece but also show fresh vitality. The 904L stainless steel polished outer ring is rugged and elegantly designed, representing the classic and enduring tradition of the Explorer.

AR Rolex Exploration Generation 214270 series literal design is exquisite; pointer edge sharpness is very high, phosphor and metal edge is the same plane, without any overflow.

AR Rolex probe Generation 214270 body thickness is the same but is difficult to distinguish. Here is a brief science, a Rolex crown is not necessarily aligned directly above the tight; there are questions about the table friends can go to Rolex counter contrast.

The chain crown is made of a double-lock waterproof system, which can firmly tighten on the case, and the mirror is made of anti-scratch blue crystal glass. The Explorer’s fully sealed Oyster case provides the best protection for precise movement from water, dust, pressure, and impact.

The back uses bell and ross replica rolex classic Oyster case compact bottom design; the triangular anti-grain cover twist is very tight so that the case is completely sealed. Excellent waterproof performance can easily handle hand washing, face washing, and even swimming is not a problem.

There is a super 3132 movement inside, the splint has clear 3132 words, the gears’ structure and color are the same as the original, and the travel time is accurate and stable. It is the most widely used movement in the market at present, and the repair rate is meager.

The Explorer is equipped with an Oyster strap and Rolex’s patented Oyster buckle, which prevents the belt from opening in case of an accident. It also comes with a cleverly designed Rolex patent easily adjustable chain section, which can quickly adjust the length of the swiss watch replica band, making it more comfortable to wear in various situations.

The hands and clock markers are coated with fluorescent substances that emit blue light for a long time, making it attractive to read the time even in the dark.

Conclusion: Small make up to introduce here, today this year some AR factory product line development has transcended the renewal rate over the same period, can be regarded as a high yield, quality control and grasp the good of a factory, the predecessor of the explorer generation is JF factory version, the JF’s AR factory, and push it to a height of 904 l stainless steel version, Make this Rolex Explorer some details have jumped to the current market high version, like explorer friends to grasp the opportunity.

Case size:39 MM
Case material:Steel
Bracelet material:Steel
Dial type:Black Quarter Arabic
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