Buy Water Ghost Worry Rotten Street, And Look At The Cost-effective Rolex Fake Sports

Among the many models of Rolex Fake, the Submariner, also known as the “Water Ghost”, is undoubtedly the most popular model. Its popularity is so high that significant watch companies often sell out of stock. But some watch friends don’t like “bad street” replica rolex watches for fear that they will “collide with others”. Then this Rolex Explorer II, which has a high-cost performance, has become the choice of these people.

In 2011, Explorer II marked its 40th anniversary and received numerous technical and aesthetic innovations. The most obvious is that the size of the case has been expanded from 40mm to 42mm in diameter, making the surface broader and easier to read. The more significant point, it’s much more visible.

The unique aspect of the new model, however, is its orange 24-hour hand, which ends in the shape of an arrow, echoing the 1971 Explorer II prototype. This cheap fake rolex watch continues the design style of the first explorer type. The central pointer adopts an orange design element, and the diameter of the watch is enlarged from the previous 40mm to 42mm, which makes the wearers reading time clearer and more accurate and has GMT in two places. Function, which is convenient for adventurers to observe the time in different areas. Design-wise, the watch has all the classic elements of a traditional Rolex Fake, especially the retro orange GMT hands; The white dial is plain, the black edge pointer is clear, the ring is solid and practical, the drawing is delicate and no indentation, the beauty is breath-holding.

The elements of sports reveal a touch of elegance, and Taner can be said to be a versatile watch. The watch uses the classic Oyster case, but the most prominent feature is the orange 24-hour GMT hand, controlled by the crown. The hour hand still adopts the classic Mercedes-Benz icon design, and the white dial is matched with black hands, making it more precise and clear for the wearer to read.

The bezel type is fixed and non-rotatable. Unlike the unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel of the Rolex Fake Submariner series, the Explorer II is made of stainless steel, which is more complex in quality and more harmoniously integrated with the watch than ceramics. One. In addition, it is equipped with a sapphire glass lens to protect the dial better and greatly enhance the service life of the watch.

The GMT hand of this watch again uses the orange arrow-shaped design of the first explorer watch in 1971, and its 24-hour progressive bezel also allows us to observe the time of two places in different time zones. The second-generation explorer has expanded the use area of ​​the dial and pointer, enhanced readability and practicability, and is a piece of reliable equipment for survival in the wilderness.

  • Brand:Rolex
  • Range:Explorer II
  • Model:216570 BKSO
  • Gender:Mens
  • Movement:Automatic
  • Case Size:42 MM
  • Case Material:316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Bracelet Material:316 Grade Stainless Steel (Oyster)
  • Dial Type:Black
  • Detailed address:

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